For over 20 years, Cinderella Eco has been providing world class, waterless, incinerating toilets. Becoming a service partner and certified installer of both the Cinderella Eco propane and electric models was a perfect fit for both us and the customers we already serve.

What is a Cinderella Eco incineration toilet?

The Cinderella Incineration Toilet is the environmentally friendly, water-free toilet solution that incinerates all human waste to a minimum amount of dry, odorless ash, completely free of harmful bacteria. There is no compost or messy waste handling. They are easy and convenient.

For an introduction to the Cinderella Eco solution and how it works, check out this one-minute video or click here to see the highlights.

For more information on Cinderella Eco toilets, including articles, manuals, videos and pricing, please visit our sister company, Incinerating Toilets Inc.

Ontario’s ugliest cottage toilet gets an upgrade with Cinderella

Along the Mississippi River in the North Frontenac area of Ontario, we visit 19-year-old Leah Hughes and her family. We’re there to install the Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet, which is the prize she won in our summer competition: Vote for Ontario’s ugliest cottage toilet.