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In April of 2022 we had Kegel Heating switch our oil furnace to an Air Source Heat Pump. We were anxious to have it done and get off oil, but also a little nervous about whether the Heat Pump would be keep our place warm on those really cold nights that you can get in Minden.

We can pleasantly report that after going through our first winter, we couldn’t be happier with our heat pump! Not only did the heat pump keep us warm but we love that we now are not suffering through with the dry heat that comes from a typical furnace.

In the summer we were suprized and thrilled with having an air conditioner at the cottage, a luxury we would never have invested in. We didn’t use it all the time, but on those really hot days it was an added bonus.

We were also very impressed with the installation of the heat pump. Kegel came when they said they were going to come, the guys were pleasant and accommodating and left our place spotless and there were no hidden costs. We had to update our electrical prior to the installation and Kegel worked with the electricians to coordinate timing for us. It was all pretty seamless at our end which was an added bonus!

We highly recommend anyone thinking of switching to do so and if you are going to switch, go with Kegel as you will not be disappointed!

Patty Daly
Minden, ON

“We had a propane boiler system installed 4 years ago that got progressively worse such that the upstairs of the house could never get above 19 degrees during cold spells. After many calls, visits and bills from the installer we became frustrated over a 2 year period of having no resolution. When they attempted to address the problem the final time, the upstairs of our house went to 16 degrees with the boiler and the pumps cycling and running continuously 24 hours per day …. so I called Kegel for a second opinion. Tim came over almost immediately arriving at around 7pm. He discovered the primary cause and sent a technician the following day to study the issue in detail. In less than 24 hours they were able to show me manual adjustments to the old system that I needed to make daily to keep the house warm. Within a couple of weeks, Kegel sent in Kieran and team to replace the system with something properly sized and properly plumbed for our radiant floor system. It continues to work great and we have had a followup call from Kieran to check on the status. The system works so well that we are able to reduce the heat at night and raise it at 5am so the house is warm again by the time we get up. The pumps no longer run 24 hours, the temperature inside reaches 20+ degrees quickly and the boiler does not cycle continuously. I fully expect to see my hydro bill and my propane bill go down as a result of the pumps and boiler no longer having to work non stop. I would recommend Kegel to anyone who wants it done right the first time!”

Don C – via Website Form Submission – 

Great Service. Being in cottage country is hard enough to get anyone to come and do the work. I got my furnace work done in half the time and needless to say half the cost of the other Haliburton company. Kegel were professional, called to give me a date, showed up on time, completed the work and left the cottage spotless. I highly recommend them.

Joseph Tabri – via Google Reviews