Solar power is becoming more efficient every day which is why solar power should be considered for more than just running a couple of lights around your garden or walkway; we were thinking domestic hot water systems.

One of the many methods of utilizing solar power is through using solar to heat your water. With hot water being a major contributor to the total of your monthly hydro bill, allowing the power of the sun to heat your water for you is a quick way to let solar power save you money every year.

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Some of the many uses

  • Houses
  • Cottages
  • In Ground Heating
  • Industrial (Carwashes)
  • Commercial (Camping Grounds – Resorts)


The water gets heated by the sun then pumped to a storage tank which will utilize the heat generated by the sun to stay extremely hot until it is needed. The solar collectors can be used in either a closed loop or an open loop depending on how much hot water is needed.

The solar collectors can be used with a solar powered water circulation pump to make these units reliant on nothing else but the power of the sun.

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